Feast Your Eyes: Predators of Asia & Africa Opens

Fort Worth Zoo celebrates grand opening of the third phase in its $130-million capital campaign and building project, A Wilder Vision

The Fort Worth Zoo has recently announced the opening of its newest adventure, Predators of Asia & Africa, which is the third phase of A Wilder Vision. This new habitat will highlight some of the most dramatic and skilled hunters of the animal kingdom and will open on June 22. The Fort Worth Zoo’s Board of Directors and Executive Director are thrilled to introduce this new habitat, which features cascading waterfalls, lush grass, trees, and rock structures that form enriching, naturalistic spaces for the Zoo’s carnivores of Asia and Africa. The new habitat will also feature multiple aviaries that will house several exotic bird species, including the red-crowned crane, Satyr tragopan, African pygmy falcon, and more.

“After raising the full $130 million in private funds and opening phase one African Savanna and phase two Elephant Springs, we are elated to have completed phase three and welcome our beloved carnivores back to Fort Worth… I must thank the citizens of this community, who continue to be so generous in their support of the Zoo. None of this would be possible without them … three phases down, one more to go!”

Ramona Bass, Chair of the Fort Worth Zoological Association Board of Directors

Upon entering the Zoo and standing on the main path, guests will be greeted by the pride of African lions in their beautiful and enhanced new home. Guests can also observe the pride from above at the top of the waterfall flowing through the entire Predators complex. Guests will continue their journey into Asia to meet a species new to the Zoo: the elusive clouded leopard. Following the winding, shaded walk, guests will discover the critically endangered Sumatran tiger and get up close and personal with the intriguing striped hyena. Upon crossing into Africa on the upper path, guests encounter the cheetah, the fastest land mammal on earth. These animals return to the Zoo in an enriching and newly expanded habitat. Beyond the grotto, a pack of African painted dogs also rejoin us. Last but not least, the Zoo welcomes African leopards for the first time in its 114-year history. Don’t miss the playful, young sibling duo that now live here at the Zoo.

Most importantly, complete with educational programming such as keeper chats, Predators of Asia & Africa will share the critical messages of conservation and environmental stewardship. The fourth phase of A Wilder Vision will be Forests & Jungles of the World, to be built in the very heart of the Zoo. This habitat will have Zoo guests winding through tree-lined trails surrounded by animals native to some of the world’s lushest forests and jungles. The jaguars and Sumatran orangutans will join okapi, bongo, giant otters, and much, much more.

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